One last batch

a high concept rom com spec script

Logline: After injuring his testicles, Joe gets the unlikely diagnosis that he only has “one last batch” of sperm and needs the help of Amy and their friends as he races the clock to find a mate while attempting to conceal his raging medical boner.


Josh Poley

Josh is a YouTube Filmmaker who has produced short comedy videos with over 60 million views on the internet. Fan favorites include Man Hit By a Train, the famous Office Wall Prank, Muppets Saw, Where's Waldo and Hide and Go Poop. Watch On YouTube.

Philip Cappello

Philip is a DGA director who works for Charlie Rose and his debut feature film, Hell's Caretaker, was distributed by Brain Damage Films. Hell's Caretaker won the Ralph Ince Directors Award and Best Editing Award at the 30th annual Long Island Film Festival. Watch the trailer.